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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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highway. >> a lot of blood. i mean, it's trashed everywhere. >> reporter: drivers stopped their cars and ran to help after a charter bus and two semitrucks collided. >> people were coming out of the bus with blood on their face screaming and hollering. >> just havoc. i mean there's people screaming, crying everywhere. >> officials say three people were killed including the bus driver 13 others were injured. witnesses say some passengers were unconscious stuck inside the bus. >> and one lady in particular was just gushing blood from her head and cut up everywhere. saying get help get me out. >> a truck driver from easton says he and others ran to the mangled bus and pulled some passengers to safety. >> she was up on the top and grabbed on to my shoulders and the other gentleman's shoulders and brought her down to the ground. >> this accident shut down both lanes of the interstate for hours. this is a critical link between towns in the poconos. and as police investigate the cause of this crash, we're learning more about the
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passengers on board. a group of italian tourists hoping to get to niagara falls from new york city. many of them now hospitalized. others feared dead. >> there was a couple of people that didn't make it you know what i mean? it's sad. it's sad. >> and one of those people killed has been confirmed as the driver of this bus. the company that driver worked for, academy bus says the driver had ten years of experience. meantime, police still looking into the cause of this crash. live in monroe county, randy gyllenhaal nbc 10 news. >> this is the same stretch of interstate where gloria estefan hurt her back in 1990. a tractor-trailer crashed into her tour bus. she suffered a broken vertebrae in that crash. and count on nbc 10 to bring you new information on the deadly tour bus crash. as soon as we learn new information, our digital team will push it out to your smartphone or tablet with the nbc 10 news app.
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to other news now, police say this bucks county mother gave alcohol to two children bought them condoms and then ordered the kids to do explicit acts and taste it. 54-year-old is charged with corruption of a minor. mousley remains behind bars tonight. if she posts bond a judge ordered her not to contact the victims or any minors. residents in delaware county are living in fear after three suspicious fires over the last five days on the same street in chester. investigators still don't know who or what sparked these fires. the red cross is now assisting 28 people who cannot return to their homes. the first fire started friday night, then another sunday. last night, firefighters returned for haa third time. police now patrolling around the clock. whether it's down the shore
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in cape may or right here in philadelphia. just not a great day to be outside. right now, we're watching more rain on the horizon. nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn hurricane schwartz with his first alert forecast. glenn? >> yeah, found one part of our area that actually has nice, sunny conditions. lots of sunshine. but most of the area is still cloudy and still on the chilly side. the sunshine has helped push downtown to 69 degrees. mt. poconos is 65. and wildwood that's as warm as it's been all day. the wind coming in off of that chilly ocean. and look at the cloud cover from philadelphia southward, gets thicker as you go south, more sunshine to the north. all right. which way is going to win? is it going to be the southern moisture winning or the northern drier air? looks like the southern moisture. that certainly appears to be moving to the north.
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not heavy rain or anything but it's indication of some changes that are going to be taking place through this evening. i think it's going to start getting a little damp around here. if nothing else, just a little bit of drizzle. tell you when the sun will return along with the warmer weather with the 7-day in a few minutes. >> thank you, glenn. life in prison that's the sentence today for the man convicted of killing philadelphia police officer moses walker. jones showed no remorse when he learned his punishment this morning. jones challenged the judge's authority to sentence him to life without parole. jones was convicted in the murder and robbery of philadelphia police officer moses walker in 2012. jones never apologized to the officer's family after walker's mother made an emotional statement in court. >> he's going to do life in prison. i'm happy about that. i'm very happy about that. at least he won't be on the streets harming anybody else. >> it was the other guy that did the shooting. if there's any remorse the shooter should be the person that expresses remorse.
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>> should he have said it that way instead of the way he did? >> i can't speak for him. i'll just say that i, personally would've said it differently. >> mcfarland accepted a 20 to 40-year plea deal in exchange for his testimony against jones. new at 6:00 in delaware county tonight, a young boy and his mother may have interrupted a burglary at their home when they got home this afternoon. nbc 10 on the scene at police searched for clues on bambi lane in haverford. they tell us the boy and his mom came home to find a man running down the street. they noticed their cellar door had been kicked in. nothing was taken and no one was hurt. atlantic city could get more competition and lose out on new yorkers gambling. a casino would be called the hard rock casino meadowlands. but it's voters who may hold all the cards in this. the casino would sit near the meadowlands, exit 16-w by the sports complex.
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hard rock says the casino would generate $500 million in tax revenue for the state. nbc 10's south jersey bureau reporter ted greenberg made the trek up the turnpike and has this story. >> this is certainly going to be a true destination. >> the grand vision revealed today for a proposed hard rock casino at meadowlands racetrack also came with promises to help get atlantic city back on its feet. >> we're going to offer jobs to the people that are out of work in atlantic city. >> developers say their casino just outside new york city could open as early as next summer luring north jerseyans. they say it would generate at least $300 million in tax revenues a year with some of that money earmarked for rebuilding ac. >> we are dedicated to making this work for the entire state of new jersey. >> i'm very skeptical of that. >> atlantic county assemblyman
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says after four casinos shut their doors in 2014 the last thing the resorts struggling gaming industry needs is new competition from within the state's borders. >> i'm of course opposed to the casinos. >> new jersey's constitution would have to be changed to allow gambling outside of atlantic city. today's announcement comes two days after north jersey lawmakers introduced a bill that would put a question on the november ballot asking voters to decide if up to three casinos should be permitted in the northern part of the state. >> i'm there -- >> this is no longer about north versus south, the meadowlands versus atlantic city. this is about new jersey revenues. >> the developers say they've talked about spending between $10 million and $20 million to get their message out. and they believe it would be much easier to pass a referendum this november rather than in a presidential election year in 2016. at the meadowlands, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news.
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two days before the second anniversary of the market street collapse, the philadelphia art commission approved a design for the memorial. the june 5th memorial is located at 22nd and market. the memorial will feature three tall granite stones with windows representing each of the victims. six people died when that building collapsed on to the salvation army store next door, 13 others were injured that day. the wilmington neighborhood hosting beau biden's viewing and funeral is getting ready to handle huge crowds of mourners and dignitaries including president obama. st. anthony's church is going to be very crowded. parking and security will be tight. and the streets around the church are narrow and preparations are underway for their annual italian festival. padua academy is up the street they are closing on friday and saturday so mourners can use their parking lots. the annual greek festival in the neighborhood has decided to push back its opening time saturday until after the funeral. st. francis hospital is
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working with the city to make sure all roads leading up to their emergency room are clear should people need their services. well there are a number of roads closed in dover starting tomorrow. we'll have a list on our nbc 10 app and on our website a south jersey contractor is accused of ripping off hurricane sandy victims. francis kelly turned himself into police in gloucester county yesterday. a couple hired his company b. kelly construction to renovate their home back in 2013. they paid him $40,000 and he never did the work. well last month, he was arrested ifarrest ed for the same alleged crime. police believe there are more potential victims here. watch these two guys pull off a robbery inside a philadelphia pizza shop monday night. the one takes out a gun and grabs a delivery driver's cash at pete's pizza and then they punch and kick a customer.
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the pair had a female accomplice watch the door. they believe all three are around 17 years old and police need your help in finding them. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00 a local girl home alone surprises a burglar in the act. how she manages to get him to run out scared. >> well those clear skies aren't that far away. i'll let you know when the sunshine's going to be returning with the 7-day forecast coming up. we work weekends here. because it works for our patients.
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here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
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south jersey's newest shopping destination is getting closer to the grand opening in august. but it needs workers the outlets in blackwood. 90 stores are looking to hire some 800 workers. retailers will hold an all-day
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job fair next friday june 12th at camden county college. an 11-year-old burlington county girl home alone surprises a burglar. and the thief thought, well, no one was home. a man broke into a home right off church road. nbc 10 south jersey bureau reporter cydney long live with how this girl scared off that burglar. >> renee, police tell me she did so by being courageous and brave for a very frightened fifth grader. this burglary turned home invasion happened during broad daylight yesterday afternoon. less than an hour after stepping off a school bus to a home we're not showing on tv. >> courageous composed a immediately knew what to do. >> the 11-year-old girl acted quickly. hiding in an upstairs master bedroom closet and locking the door when a burglar pried open the back door looking to steal
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jewelry. >> rummaging through the master bedroom. and attempted to push in the closet not knowing that the female was in there. >> she shoved her feet against the closet door. >> she screamed as loud as she could which frightened the individual and he took off on foot. >> i feel bad for her. the family was traumatized yesterday. obviously our kids are concerned because they were here. >> because it was a half day at school she initially thought teens were playing a prank in her backyard until she looked closer and saw two men running with backpacks. running up the hill behind our shed. >> we all have kids around here. we're all -- a lot of us are working families. >> she immediately contacted her father who contacted 911. >> police responded and used canines to search the area. now they want anyone who saw anything out of the ordinary to come forward. >> it was a half a day for my daughter. luckily she had plans and she wasn't coming home. but yeah it could have been anybody's house. >> now that it's warm please lock all your doors and windows.
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they don't want to be smashing doors and windows and making noise. they want to open an unlocked door. >> now police tell us that second suspect and accomplice was waiting outside. the thief inside did get away with jewelry. but police don't know if this was a random or targeted crime. they are checking with police in neighboring towns to see if these burglars are trying to pull this off anywhere else. nbc 10 news. >> thank you, cydney. a close call for a driver in south jersey. viewers sent us these pictures of a van on fire on 295 in belmar this afternoon. the driver here wasn't hurt. the traffic on route 42 was blocked for a time, but it has now been cleared. well we spent the month of may looking for some rain and some cooler weather, and boy did we get it. and now it's been a little too chilly for a lot of us. kind of cloudy, as well.
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some showers will be returning. today, we got off mainly dry and brighter weekend ahead. although, it's not exactly going to be picture perfect. we have a lot of clouds out there right now still across much of the area. not as thick and low as they were yesterday. and that allowed some of the sun's rays to get through and warm us all the way up to 70 degrees. 67 right now, winds east-southeast, but we're 10 degrees warmer than we were at this time yesterday. and remember, back on sunday it was 92. yesterday's high only 58 was the coldest june day that we've had since 1972. and today, up to 70 but that's still almost 10 degrees below average. some of the warmest weather up in allentown where we have the most sunshine. and it's 65 in the poconos with sunshine. but 57 in georgetown and wildwood where it's been cloudy and windy and wet all day once again. and the warming from the
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philadelphia area northward because of the thinner clouds. and you can see that it's practically clear. not that far away. but what's happening here is it looks like the moisture is starting to come back. slowly not a lot of moisture, but just enough so that not only do we have some sprinkles in the forecast for tonight and drizzle in for tomorrow morning, but that should keep us pretty cloudy during the day tomorrow. here's the future cast hour by hour and you can see all the clouds around. and just an occasional little bit of light rain or drizzle later on tonight and into first thing in the morning. and you may need a light jacket again, tomorrow. won't be as cold as yesterday. it may not be as mild as today. so we're going to have to wait another day before we actually see the temperature get up close to average. cloudy tonight with a chance of a little bit of light rain or
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drizzle late. and the temperatures in the mid-50s. you can see they're fairly uniform with the east wind. and tomorrow the east to northeast wind continues. so you can't get rid of this moisture. cloudy and cool, a chance of some showers, and perhaps a little bit cooler than today. and then the 7-day forecast. little bit more sunshine on friday allows temperatures to get into the 70s. a little bit more on saturday but we still have a chance of showers on saturday. better chance saturday than on sunday. doesn't look picture perfect either day. but a whole lot nicer than the last couple have been. and then the best chance of showers over the next week is on monday. >> we're going to hear from mccoy getting questions. that's next.
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hey, i'm john clark, shaidy's back again. he had made the comments about chip kelly that he got rid of all of the good black players on the eagles. and there's got to be a reason for that. chip last week said he believes he's wrong about that. shady is now with the bills and today, the buffalo media asked him about his racially charged comments. he gave them the stiff arm. >> everything in philadelphia's over. nothing more to say about it. it is what it is. >> you questioned the racial motivations behind chip kelly's decisions. >> did you just hear what i said?
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>> i did. >> why did you -- i told you i'm not talking no more about chip kelly or the eagles. >> why don't you think that the discussion that race in america deserves a little elaboration. >> for what? i say how i felt at the time and i'm done with that. >> why didn't you take chip's call? >> yo are y'all listening to me? i'm not talking about chip kelly or no eagles. so i'm going to be done with this interview if you don't have anything else to say about the bills. i don't regret nothing i do, don't regret it. >> he doesn't regret it. shady's former running back coach is the only black position coach on chip kelly's staff. today, he says chip is not a racist. >> what he says, i know my relationship with chip is nothing like that. i kept it like that. i can only speak about what i know. >> the eagles will open training camp august 2nd. so eagle fans, there's two times
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to go to practice at the link tuesday, august 4th and sunday august 9th. both are free and don't need a ticket to go. will michael kendrick be on the team, then? he's one of the better young players but in the last year of his contract. and they haven't talked to him about an extension. and the eagles traded for alonzo. he has heard the trade rumors. >> i didn't know what to think. it was what it was. it was what it was. and one thing you've got to -- one thing to know about the league, we're all renting space. this is a straight business and you've got to love every aspect of that and respect every aspect of that. >> they're going for two straight against the reds you've got cole hammels on the mound tonight. a tigers fan excited about catching a grand slam home run ball, but it was hit by the visiting team the a's. the kid is very happy but then he starts to realize, oh no. oh no goes from being very happy to very sad. but renee, he did still keep the
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ball. he's not throwing that back. back to you. >> smart kid there. thanks, john. >> all right. now for a look at what's coming up tonight at 11:00. armed and dangerous. a bank robber goes to work in montgomery county. the moment that had everyone in the branch ducking for cover. and why police say this guy may have struck more than once.
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students at the academy charter school encourage you to find out where you came from. nbc 10 at the national museum of american jewish history in old city using the national archives census and personal records, as well. students learned about their family history and the history of the homes they lived in. they made exhibits to show what they found. their research are on display. what's it going to be out like there tonight? >> well we're not going to see much of that tomorrow, either. going to keep the temperatures down. few showers and then it gets a little warm and sunnier.
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>> okay. thank you, glenn. >> and for all of us here at nbc 10, the news continues now with "nbc nightly news." have a good evening. on this wednesday night, terror charges. new arrests in an isis inspired plot to kill police officers and behead a victim. what nbc news has learn good an imminent attack. the suspect armed with knives, the fbi listening in. twice as bad as we were first told. turns out anthrax was fedexed to dozens of locations in at least 17 states and three different countries. far more people put at risk. what went wrong? the cost of cancer. what's behind the skyrocketing price of cancer drugs? some costing $10,000 a month. for some, medications to survive means going bankrupt. and here come the bride. so many of them flocking to a tiny post office for a very big reason. we'll lift the veil on


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